A list of the collections of resources available. Collections are key resources grouped by campaign, type of resource, or theme.

Recycle Now Plastic Planet Animated Creatives Campaign

Please download these animated creatives for use on your own digital platforms.

Please note that some of the files are very large and may take a while to download, so you may prefer to just ‘like’ and ‘share’ our social media posts.

Your Business is Food: Spreading the word

To help generate more action on the ground with the businesses you work with (or in), our Campaign Guide has got great advice on running your own Your Business is Food; don't throw it away week of action. Check out our ready-made tweets, emails, templates and links to resources to help you the share the message.

Recycle for Wales Summer 2017 Campaigns

Toolkits in English and Welsh for Recycle for Wales's partners to use during the Recycled Beats and Cadw Castles Summer 2017 campaigns.

Your Business is Food: Case studies

Our case studies demonstrate how businesses have saved money by reducing the amount of food they throw away.

We've also got a great video, with businesses discussing the savings they have made with 'Your Business is Food.'

Recycle for London - Unusual Suspects - Glass and Metal

The Unusual Suspects artwork is an extension of the Good to Know campaign but displays a range of metal and glass items that are often overlooked for recycling.  The themed resources in this collection can be edited to add/remove items to ensure they reflect the materials collected in your local collection scheme. These resources are for use in London - they differ slightly from the resources for Recycle Now.