Love Your Clothes Donation Generation

In this collection you'll find information about Love Your Clothes' campaign, Donation Generation.

The aim of Donation Generation is to encourage citizens to keep their clothing in use for longer by donating their unwanted clothes instead of throwing them in the bin.

Donation Generation is a social movement, a collective, uniting all citizens and calling for them to commit to donating their unwanted clothing via charity shops, retail take back schemes, textile recycling banks or charity door collections.

We want to:

- encourage people to pledge to donate their unwanted clothes, now and in the future

- highlight the key benefits of donating clothes and why it makes a difference

- enlist members of the Donation Generation community and encourage them to share how they’re taking action and inspire others in their networks.

We’re asking partners to support our campaign by spreading the word via your social media channels. Look out for more updates and campaign assets coming soon!