Love Food Hate Waste: Spoiled Rotten (Wave 2) Oct-Dec 2019

This partner pack contains information for the second wave of the ‘Spoiled Rotten’ campaign. There are three key behaviors that are most responsible for food waste in the UK today, which is the focus of our activity throughout 2019/20:

- We buy too much – buy what you need
- Our food goes off because we don’t store it right – store food properly
- We throw away food we buy - eat what you buy

This wave of the campaign aims to encourage 18-34-year-olds, with a focus on students, to ‘Store food properly’.

This second campaign burst launches on 7th October and will run through to December 2019, encouraging people to use their fridge and freezer correctly to keep food fresher for longer and making sure their fridge temperature is set below 5 degrees by using our handy ‘chill the fridge out’ tool.

Support the campaign on social media and in your business - Use the #Spoiledrotten and #LoveFoodHateWaste hashtag on Instagram and Facebook and other social media and also link to: