Love Food Hate Waste: Compleating

This Partners pack contains information for Love Food Hate Waste’s campaign ‘Compleating’. The campaign aims to encourage 18-24-year-old, couples, young families and students to compleat the whole food.

Perfectly edible parts of common foods such as potatoes and bread are going to waste because people don’t want to eat them, don’t know how to prepare them, or in some cases don’t even realise they are edible.

If more people ate things like potato skins and peels, bread ends and crusts, broccoli and cauliflower stalks and pizza crusts, this would greatly help to reduce UK food waste and would benefit our environment.

Supporting the campaign on social media and in your business - use #Compleating on Instagram and other social media and link to or for the Welsh version.

All other assets, social media content, and images are available in English and Welsh.