LFHW Toolkit items

Love Food Hate Waste – Food’s Not Rubbish Toolkit

An astonishing 70% of food that is wasted in the UK comes from householders – over 7 million tonnes a year. To reduce this waste, citizens must think differently, to act and wake up to the amount of food they throw away at home.

At WRAP we have developed a huge range of insights and experience to ensure that we understand the ‘who, where, why, what and how’ that leads to food ending up in the bin. We encourage citizens to buy only what they are likely to use, and to eat what they buy.

WRAP is leading a strategic, focused and collaborative approach to reducing the amount of food citizens throw away, and as part of this work has produced this Love Food Hate Waste (LFHW) Food’s Not Rubbish  Toolkit for partners to use to run their own campaigns with citizens.

The Toolkit is for partners wanting to promote the value of food, the cost of food waste, and the behaviors that can be adopted in the home to tackle the issue.

Included in the Toolkit is a host of assets available in English and Welsh, many of which can be adapted to suit your own organisation, including social media assets, posters, leaflet, blogs, videos, etc. They’re also accompanied by guidance notes that includes recommendations to help you run your own campaign for staff using the Toolkit’s assets.