Case studies - recycling communications

These case studies have been produced to show the wide range of WRAP funded campaigns and activities carried out by local authorities, all aimed at improving their recycling services.  The case studies demonstrate a wide range of budgets, timescales and geographical areas. Some are broad brush, others detail very specific problems. Some focus on one material, others on several. All contain some useful ideas that you might like to try out in your own council area.

Whether you are looking to solve a particular problem, are looking for inspiration for how to get your message across or want to assess what could be achieved in a short timescale we hope that these will give you a good starting point.  You might already be convinced of the value of communications campaigns but need some additional material to help you persuade others.  In which case, the impacts and costs are clearly set out for each project.

Remember all the campaign materials in these case studies are free to download from WRAP’s resource library.