LFHW – Bread Campaign Moment ‘Make Toast Not Waste’ (MTNW)

Did you know that 20 million slices of bread are thrown away EVERY DAY in the UK? This is a shocking fact and we want to slice that number down. Our new campaign, Make Toast Not Waste, is all about encouraging people to freeze bread and then use it straight from the freezer to make toast. The campaign will target students and young people new to the workplace (18-24) and young families (25-34). It will be promoted on the Love Food Hate Waste website, social media channels and through media and influencer engagement.

We have developed a super handy resource pack which includes all the information you need to support the campaign including: key messages, calls to action, facts, tips, editorial and social media content.  For more information download the resources below.

Together we can win the food waste fight.