Hands holding fruit peelings with fresh fruit stall as background

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Market trader Julie Lightly at Queen's Market in Newham, east London for the launch of "Ask Me About Composting", a partnership between Recycle Now and the National Market Traders' Federation to drive and encourage more people to compost at home. PRESS ASSOCIATION Photo. Picture date: Thursday February 25, 2010. As a nation, we throw away 1.7 million tones of fruit and vegetable scraps each year, all of which could have been composted as many of us are unaware that when sent to landfill, this waste produces methane, a powerful global warming gas, the same waste composted at home produces no methane and provides free fertiliser and soil improver that helps vegetables, shrubs and flowers to grow. Photo credit should read: Geoff Caddick/PA Wire. There are print and web quality versions of this photo available to download. For certain photos, there will also be several different shots to choose from including portrait and landscape options.